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Sam Lochinger

I love that there are places for "older pastors" to minister. God's provision does not cease due to age! I am saddened that congregations would think that a pastor of a certain age is too old to pastor. Our society has reversed God's order and youth has taken precedence and is more revered than age. All that you have stated about elderly pastors is true. If they still have a heart to serve, they bring with them years of experience that only faithfulness to the Lord and self sacrifice for the flock can refine.

If congregations cannot see the favor bestowed upon them with an aging pastor still willing and able to serve, I seriously wonder if they could find an aging transitional pastor to be of great worth?

Brian Thorstad

Thanks Sam! I encourage "older guys" like me all the time to consider this. When I got to IPM (Interim Pastor Ministry) events I hear stories of wonderful church transformations God has done through some men who are much older than I! In a lot of cases, they don't "look like much," but they are mighty men in God's army. Blessings!

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